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Mulch is a chopped tree bark cleared from impurities. The main purpose of mulch is to protect the soil against the water evaporation, the influence of wind, sun rays and infestation. Moreover, when decomposed, mulch fertilizes the soil, since it turns into humus. In addition, mulch is an excellent solution for landscape design. The mulchsettled on flower beds, paths and grounds is a wonderful decoration of the garden, making it looks well-groomed.

Lignum-Resurs offers mulch from the bark of pine and larch. One can choose a small, medium or coarse fraction in different colors. By combining different fractions and colors, it is possible to achieve interesting solutions for gardening. Mulch is delivered in bulk or in package, for more convenient transportation. The cost of mulch depends on the volume of supplies. Please, leave an application on the web-site and we will contact you, or call us.

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