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Wood shavings

Wood shavingsare a kind of chipped wood along with wood flour and chips. Wood shavingsaremade either on special chipboard machines, or are obtained as a waste of woodworking. It is used in production of fibrolite plates, as a bedding for animals, for packing goods and for fertilizing seedbeds. GOST 5244-79 (All-Union State Standard)determines the following brands of Wood shaving: Я, Ф, МКС, П, ФС, З. The differences in brands are in the raw material and the particle size.

The quality of wood shavings does not allow the presence of rot, mustiness and fungi. We offer shavings in industrial volumes, with delivery by own transport. The cost of wood shavings depend on the volume of supplies. Please, leave an application on the web-site and we will contact you, or call us.

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